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T14 - Jason Woodgate
2018 1450 Hod Rod Champion
T217 - Gary Thomson
2018 1450 Hot Rod Runner up
T111 - Ben Stockley
2018 1450 Hot Rod 3rd place
T84 - Thomas Connors
2018 Juniors Champion
T40 - Charlie Titcombe
2018 Juniors runner up
T682 - Lewis White
2018 Juniors 3rd place
T266 - Brad Wells
2018 Prod A Champion
T611 - Bob Salter
2018 Prod A runner up
T493 - Alan Goddard
2018 Prod A 3rd place
T612 - Rob Salter
2018 Prod B Champion
T1 - Barney Hayhoe
2018 Prod B runner up
T187 - Noel Breakspear
2018 Prod B 3rd place
T119 - Lewis Hayhoe
2018 Rookies Champion
T169 - Richard Ormston
2018 Rookies runner up
T174 - David Baigent
2018 Specials Champion
T616 - Shaun Page
2018 Specials runner up
T26 - David Simmons
2018 Specials 3rd place
T74 - Laurence Connors
2018 Super Saloons Champion
T24 - Paul Lofting
2018 Super Saloons runner up
T10 - Dave Bullen
2018 Super Saloons 3rd place
T735 - Alex Smith
2018 Thunder Rods Champion
T44 - Jamie Sayers
2018 Thunder Rods runner up
T934 - John Burt
2018 Thunder Rods 3rd place

Special thanks to mirrorbox photography for their kind permission to use these photos.

What's new

Club rules and documents updated
See downloads page for details.

2020 Medical form (download here)
2020 membership application (download here)

2019 Season archived

Your TMC needs YOU!

If you can spare some time to give a bit of valuable help to your club we are looking for:
  • Marshals - Get up close to the action, in this essential role.
  • Lap scorers - we need a pair of willing people who can count!
  • Commentator - we need a part time commentator to fill in gaps with interesting or relevant knowledge.
  • Wrecker drivers - also required.

REMEMBER: Volunteering really helps your club, and even if you can only do a few days a year, it counts!

Anyone that helps on race days will be given a free lunch, and fully refunded their admission. If you can help, please swing by race control.

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